“What is that!” I hear you scream, well this is a funky looking new matte box from those crazy Swedes ‘Swedish Chameleon’, the SC3. Not only is it a great price, it also includes great features; like three 4 x 4” filter trays (which allows you to set up two polarizing filters to create a Fader ND) and it has a simple and compact swing-away, height-adjustment mechanism and integrated 'Nun's Knickers' , which makes it easy to use with many cameras and lenses.

Another innovative feature is its rubber hood, which looks like something Batman would own, it has been dubbed the Batte-box here in the showroom. It is low reflectivity, tough and will bend to fit inside your case, no more fiddling around with awkward sun shades.

Great for the Canon C100, Canon C300, Sony FS100, Sony FS700, Panasonic AF101, DSLRs and more. To have a look please pop in to our showroom.