Have you been put off time lapse photography because of all the bits of equipment you are going to need? Camera head, motor, belt, pulley, cables, power, and so on. And what if it doesn't all work together? Nightmare!

Some very enterprising people behind a new company called SYRP* have solved all the problems. They have invented an ingenious, all-in-one, compact and affordable tool appropriately called Genie.

The Genie allows both panning and linear motion control, and attaches to equipment such as dollies, sliders, jib arms and tripods. You simply attach the panning accessory to your tripod or support, and camera and ball head to the tapped female receiver on top of the Genie.

An illuminated bubble level is built in to help in setting up for panoramas. The Genie has factory presets such as Stars, People or Clouds but you can enter an unlimited amount of user presets into the Genie's memory for custom work. (Prokit says this is really easy to do). At maximum panning speed a 360° pan takes 5 seconds, while 39" of linear movement takes 23 seconds.

Features include -

  • Linear and Panning Motion
  • Timer or Sensor Input
  • Preview Function
  • Custom User and Factory Pre-Sets
  • Bubble Level with Light
  • 20kg Load Capacity
  • 12 Hour Battery
  • Multi-voltage Charger
  • Wide Camera Compatibility
The price is £665 + vat.



*  It is pronounced syrup as in golden, but without the u.