Morpheus is a coveted stills lens, re-engineered for digital film and video use. The useful 80mm. to 200mm. range is packed into a short body just 205mm. long, and weighing only 2.3Kg. Engineering is by True Lens Service (TLS) who first converted this lens for use on Casino Royale and The Bourne Ultimatum. Focus direction has been reversed to match that of all other leading PL mount lenses.


Morpheus is well suited to all kinds of production, including drama, documentary and commercials. It especially suits fast action hand-held or Steadicam applications, as well as small camera set-ups or remotely operated rigs. The low 2.3Kg weight yet long focal range makes this lens a class leader.

The optical design of this lens exhibits superb performance, rendering great images in either a digital or film environment. AR coatings reduce flares and veiling glare for deep, rich blacks and a wide contrast range. Extra Low Dispersion (ELD) glass reduces chromatic aberration, critical for digital camera sensors. The 9 leaf iris generates round out of focus highlights, and a pleasing organic bokeh.

The ergonomics of the lens demonstrates TLS's experience and engineering skills. Construction is more than robust enough for field applications. The large scales are easy to read. The 110mm. front diameter is the same as the TLS Speed Panchro range and Cooke S4 and S5 series, facilitating fast set up and lens change.


Focal Range: 80 - 200mm.

Aperture Range: T2.8 - 32 / 9 Bladed Aperture

Weight: 2.3Kg.

Close Focus: 1.5 metres.

Front Diameter: 110mm.

Angle of View: 30.2 - 12.3, 35mm film / sensor.

Maximum Reproduction Ratio: 1:5.9 at 200mm, 1:14 at 80mm.

Coverage: 35mm Academy

Mount: PL, in stainless steel.

Optical Design: 16 elements* in 11 Groups, 3 with Extra Low Dispersion glass (ELD)**

* Multicoated Anti Reflective Optical Elements

** ELD reduces secondary lateral colour fringes

Prokit price is £6,500.00 + vat.