Outstanding new Bi-Colour LED light from Dedo.


    At first things don’t look too different. The head – Dedo DLED4 – is now available in two versions. One is the Daylight only version that Prokit has been recommending for a while. The newer version, just arrived in stock, is the Bi-Colour head. It looks much the same on the outside as the original one.  The power supply also looks much the same. However, the Bi-Colour power supply unit is slightly longer and slightly weightier than the Daylight only version. Also … wait for it … there are two knobs on it.

One of the slightly recessed rotary dials is for dimming control (0 to 100%), and at the other end there is another dial for colour temperature control (3200K to 5600K).   

Both have extraordinary light output: a very clean beam and sharp edged shadows, as well as enormous focus range from a very tight 4° to a usefully wide 60°.

Prokit supports both of them.

They are in the showroom for you to have a look, and in the warehouse too.




Dedo DLED4 Bi-Colour Package.

Dedo DLED4 Daylight Package.