In the Prokit showroom we currently have a Vinten Vision Blue tripod and a Vinten Vision 250 on demo.


The Vision Blue is designed for cameras up to 5kg, making it ideal for DSLR rigs, smaller large-sensor video cameras like the Canon C100, and three chip handheld camcorders like the Sony PMW-200. We have been playing with the tripod for a week now and it is super smooth, well-built and has a unique “perfect balance” counter-balance function: A kind of fine-tuning knob that lets you get your balance spot on.

The Vision 250 is a big head for big cameras. And we mean Alexa-big. It can handle up to 33KG, has a 150mm bowl, had TWO pan bars…it means business. Heavyweight business.

Come down and see both ends of the Vinten tripod spectrum here in our showroom!