Grey Market/Parallel-Import Products

PROKIT does not normally re-regurgitate someone else's information in our blogs. We like to write original pieces. Opinions you might not find elsewhere. But, on the subject of "Grey" imports, we think some of you should read exactly what Canon themselves have to say on the subject:

Currently a number of retailers are importing genuine Canon goods from outside the European market, (which encompasses the European Economic Area (EEA) plus Switzerland) for sale to UK and European consumers.  Such products are known as “grey market” or “parallel-import” products.


The problem with grey market products

European consumers may find that grey market products do not meet their expectations because the products were not intended by Canon for the European market and did not undergo localisation by Canon.  Accordingly consumers may find that a grey market product is not correctly localised, for example:

(i) the box may not contain:

  • a UK power cord or contains a UK power cord or adaptor which was not provided by Canon and has not been quality checked by Canon;
  • the correct software discs or contains illegal copies of software which does not function;
  • an original English manual but contains a photocopy of the original English manual or a non-English manual;
  • a genuine Canon European warranty card but instead may contain a third party warranty card, a warranty card from a reseller based outside Europe or no warranty card at all;

(ii) a Camera product may not display a valid serial number.

As grey-market products are not intended by Canon for the European market, such products are ineligible to benefit from UK/European promotions, including Canon’s Cashback offers.
If in doubt about whether any Canon product is intended for the European market, please check with the reseller or supplier or refer to the “Where to buy” pages on Canon’s websites for a non-exhaustive list of in-store and online retailers (or “E-Tailers”) selling products approved for sale in Europe.

Canon’s Cashback offers are not valid on Canon products not intended for the European market.